Close to Reality Jokes by Indian Standup Comedians That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Indian Standup Comedy has seen huge forward strides in the past few years with new and emerging talent in standup comedy coming out and presenting themselves on the global stage. The younger broadminded standup comedians do not just joke, but try to present some moral standpoints as well.

Comedy is a platform that everyone needs and wants in their life. Therefore, it is also a very powerful platform to reach out to the masses. Many of our standup comedians use this platform to shed light on some social issues. Of course, there are some jokes by them, which are just for fun but many of them are jokes that are not just funny but serious as well.

Well, whatever be the kind of jokes that the standup comedians of India deliver, it is certain that they are always funny. Here are some of our best picks:

  • Bollywood Royal Couple Meeting:

These Bollywood royal couples sure repeat a lot of their sentences. I can see three ‘me also’ and two ‘same’. “Main bhi” also means same.

  • Introvert vs. Extrovert:

For introverts, enjoyment is going to bed and sleeping! For extroverts it’s a whole another thing!

  • When Breakup Isn’t Clear:

Girls need to be clear that they don’t want to see each other anymore! That’s the way it should be!

  • India Isn’t Poor:

By the way, India isn’t poor. It is rich in “culture” and other stuff!

  • Foster’s! Really!!

Rohan, people choose whiskey because it is stronger and tastier. But beer is tasty too! Crap! I want a beer now!

  • The Invention of the Twerk:

Mr. Abish could you tell us how Michael Jackson invented the moon walk as well?

As you can see, Indian comedy has incremented at a tremendous rate and each and every joke these comedians make tickles your funny bone!

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