The College Life Summed Up Beautifully

You ask any grown-up this question – ‘Which are the best years of your life?’ and without batting an eyelid most of the people will say college years. These are the years when you have insane dreams and the word impossible doesn’t exist in your dictionary.

The bonding that happens during those years never happens anytime later in life. The incidents and the mischiefs you did with your friends all remain fresh in memory forever. The moment you meet any of your college friends later in life you can laugh and relive those years over and over again.

Let us see few of the things that happen in the life of every college goer.

  • The day before the submission is the busiest day of the semester when you need to complete everything in few hours and you manage to do it.

  • There are always big plans for the vacations where you intend to do so much for your career, but the moment vacations start all you can do is SLEEP.

  • Every student survives the last of the month by getting credit from anyone and everyone he can lay his hands on.

  • Big ideas only hit you in the cafeteria…classes are so boring.

  • Why do they even keep the morning class when they know we only sleep by 3 or 4?

  • I doubt if anyone in my circle has ever attended the first lecture of the day.

  • Food, TV shows and Memes are on priority for any student. Only fools care for attendance or GPA?

  • The only few days when all students attend college is when the fest is on. You have to be there, man.

  • The weekend starts on Friday for us.

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