College Life vs. Life at Your First Job

Teens in their early 20’s who have completed their graduation and just got into their first job might have realised that life has a funny way of getting back at you.

Once you get into the job, you will feel like missing the good old days of college life when you used to enjoy partying with friends irrespective of your academic activities.

Here we have illustrated few such differences between college life and life at your first job.

  • Your excuses are no more accepted.

  • You learn to keep your tongue in control.

  • You can’t get proxy for your attendance like your college days.

  • You can’t repeat the same dress everyday.

  • You undergo a disastrous change in your social life.

  • In college life, you would have never seen the sunrise. But, in job life, you see that every day.

  • You can’t avoid people you don’t like. In your job life, you have to follow even people you don’t like (if you want to get promoted).

  • How time has changed?

  • No more Goa plans like in college days! You strictly stick to office and home.

  • Every day is weekend in college life. But you forget what is weekend in job life.

  • Boozing together is not the same anymore.

  • High hopes towards placements are trashed in your life.

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