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A Company Cancelled a Woman’s Job Interview for Asking about Salary

Yes, it sounds very odd that a company cancelled a woman’s job interview when she asked what her salary would be for her role in the company.

A lady by the name of Taylor Byrnes from Winnipeg was busy preparing for her second round of interview with Canadian food delivery company “Skip The Dishes” when she emailed the company’s HR asking about her pay. The very moment she got a response from the HR’s end that she was not the right candidate for the post and so there was no need of coming down for the second round of interview.

In her email, the HR clearly stated – “As a startup company we need people who can go for the extra mile in order to achieve the goal, they should be confident and self-motivated. But you as a candidate questioning about compensation and benefits at such an early stage are not eligible to fit in our organization.” She also added that her questions revealed her priorities were not related towards the organization, but directly related towards her personal needs. In other words, we can say the HR asked how she dared to ask such a question.

Taylor shared the same on Twitter and found many people were with her as it was a very genuine question regarding giving time and asking reward for time. Many supporters also tweeted how it is out of line to ask questions, which were directly concerned with one’s future.

In no time, the news spread in air with the help of internet and as per the report Taylor’s interview got rescheduled with the company.

Joshua Simair, the company’s co-founder informed that the email sent to Taylor was not correct and does not specify the team’s values and ethics. To add to that, he said they were really very disappointed with the way it was handled.

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