Comparisons That Would Definitely Tickle Your Funny Bone

Some people have a knack for comparisons, some don’t, but it is certain that every single individual can relate to illustrations of comparisons. Sometimes, comparisons are serious and provide insightful knowledge and understanding. But sometimes they are just plain funny. Here is a compilation of the most hilarious comparisons you would have ever seen:

  • Excuse me miss, your curves resemble that of a caterpillar!

It’s flabbergasting that people often don’t buy dresses of their size. The lady resembles a caterpillar here!

  • Ohh that’s racist!

Although the resemblance is uncanny, it’s a tad racist. Maybe the person didn’t mind!

  • No offense but Putin has the face of a dog

This dog is a born leader just like Putin! The resemblance is uncanny!

  • Taylor Lautner is a wolf in reel life and an alpaca in real life

This Alpaca should have landed a role in Twilight movies. He could have played Jacob really well! Maybe even better than Taylor.

  • Sylvester and Tweety’s Grandma has been officially found

This grandma actually takes care of a lot of different sorts of animals, similar to the Looney Tunes look-a-like.

  • Looks like Michael Jackson was a reincarnation of an Egyptian God

Seems like the King of Pop was a king some centuries ago as well. We certainly hope the talent of our beloved Michael Jackson returns to grace us with it’s presence.

  • Maggi-haired famous people

Justin Timberlake’s classic Maggi look was copied by the noodle maker in their flagship product Maggi, or was it the other way round?

There could be many other hilarious comparisons that we have missed. So if you find some, please let us know and we will add them to our list!!

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