The Confused Rapidly Changing Indian Politics explained aptly and hilariously in these Tweets

The year 2016 has had us witness rapid shifts in the politics sector, both natively and internationally. Our prime minister and the other country leaders have made a whole lot of policy changes and it hasn’t stopped yet wit GST regime starting from next week. In case you are also one of those Indians who rapidly follow the development in the political sector of our country, you would also be feeling the same level of confusion as the rest of the world.

Here are a few tweets that aptly and hilariously describe the political scenario in India:

  • The Right-Wing Dilemma:

It seems like they are trying to follow the Punjabi Mom routine. We want you to realize on your own that we need you in our country and support it as well!

  • Our Capital’s Chief Minister:

When you have decided that you are going to make absolutely no sense possible and confuse the person standing in front of you so much that he agrees with you and buys your deep shit! Perfect marketing strategy!

  • The Legal/Illegal battle:

@sidin, you confused us even more! But the explanation exactly matches the explanation given to us by our political leaders. Well done, @sidin!!!

  • When you are tired of the leaders who are ruining your life:

People of the country want answers from their public servants! After all democracy entails them the right to information as well.


  • Indians Don’t Deserve Good Things:

Why would a civilized learned individual cause such devastating vandalism! Because their leaders do the same! Both parties stay happy if both parties are corrupt.

This is the real pain of India, the politics of India. But with new and improved leaders being elected recently, there is still hope for a better future!

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