When Convenience Resulted in a Disaster

The technology is changing and so are the habits of the people. Today many of us prefer shopping from the confines of our home. Be it clothes, gifts, accessories or groceries. Ordering things online and getting them delivered in no doubt much more comfortable than stepping out in the traffic, in sun and coming back all tired.

But sometimes this convenience creates such disasters that you curse yourself and pledge never to shop online again.

Check out these online shopping disasters which you may find humorous but definitely not for the ones who suffered it.

  •    What a perfect way to ruin the surprise party…..are you guys total dumbos or what…

  •    Seriously who makes such a hood…. Looks like you really wanted an idiot like me who ordered it from your site away from the eyes of the world.

  •    I was not planning a beach party for my dolls…ordered normal beach chairs for normal people.

  •    Not only me, my kitty also hates you for blunder you made on Christmas.

  •    Never ever trust these online sites for an outfit for your big day…They are capable of ruining it in a big- big way.


  •    Since you delivered these toy chairs can you please also suggest how to hold an event using these with actual people?

  •    The innovative award for the year goes to you buddy…..You will go a long-long way.

  •    LOL…and I was always under the impression that tents are meant for staying in.

  •    Oh, man…. what should I be more worried of!!!

  •    I actually wanted to hit the gym and thus ordered a vest ….not going out for a girl’s night.. Never expected such a blunder from a site like Amazon.

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