This Couple Built The Most Incredible Home…And It’s Floating

At some point, we’ve all had that fantasy of abandoning society and living off the grid.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own personal island, but I’ve never entertained the idea that it could actually be done. I couldn’t be more wrong, though. Not only is it possible, but there are two people who are living their best lives on one right now.

Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King were tired of city life, so in the 1990s, they decided to go back into nature. They began building their own sustainable home off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. And after 24 years of hard work and dedication, they have an incredible floating home that’s aptly called Freedom Cove. Although they’re not totally off the grid, their lifestyle is different than what we’re used to.

In this picture, it looks like they live on the side of a mountain, which would already be enviable.

side of a mountain