With Crazy Kids Around, You Will Never Have a Dull Moment in Your Life 


Kids are full of mischief and fun. They have that never-ending energy that keeps them going on and on and on. They are always in a playful mood and can invent the weirdest games and can enjoy playing them for hours. It is through children that adults in the family, especially the elders, relive their childhood and are always the source of joy to them. With their innocence, the children can win over anyone.

  •    If you have a pet at home, then a child plays with it just like he or she will play with another kid of his/her age. The pets also care a lot for the little one in the family.

  •    If you have guests around, be ready for anything that a child can think of to gain attention.

Image result for If you have guests around, be ready for anything that a child can think of to gain attention.

  •    Children learn by imitating: be it the parents, friends, neighbors or even pets…so you really need to be careful.

  •    In their innocence they can do anything….They can bring a glass of water for you from the toilet or can make you take a dip in their little bathtub.

  •    If kids are around, you can’t expect things to be in place. Somehow they feel at home only when things get messy.

  •     Siblings are always up for some mischief…the older one does not really want to hurt the younger one, but you need to keep an eye on their innovations.

  •   I can sit by myself…what if it’s a toilet seat!!!

  •    Bossing around is not only the elders’ prerogative…I can do it too, if I get a chance.

  •    Mom, you rest. I will cook a yummy meal for you….only the kitchen might need some cleaning later but that you will manage….right?

  •    Don’t cry buddy…..

  •    I love you fishy…..don’t worry, I will send you back to your mom soon.

  •    Oh boy….never mix drinking with driving…it’s a lethal combination.


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