Crazy Student Life Memories for 90’s Kids Refreshed by these Gifs and Memes

Everyone would agree that the best phase of life is school life. Each one of us has made precious memories during school. We all miss our school for the crazy feelings we got whenever we cried, cheated and got away or failed. We make friends that generally last a lifetime.

All of us has lived our school life to the fullest and we all desperately want to live that life again. Even the after school memories of going out to the playground to play with friends are some eternal and everlasting memories. School is a magical place and everyone feels so even if their time in school was just ordinary.

Here is a trip down memory lane for all of you who miss their school life:

  • That has happened to me so many times:

Friends play around a lot and your best friends would love to play pranks on you, like this one!

  • The Glorious Battle of Pens, Pen Fight:

The competition of a 90s kid wasn’t in studies but in the pen fight tournaments that were held during lunch hours. Kids were so competitive back then that they used to extra grip their pens so that it doesn’t fall out of the boundary and had extra grip. Way to go people!

  • The Rubber band Paper Attack:

Another one of the 90s classics. This short really hurt! Some people even put pebbles into the piece of paper to heighten the kick!

  • The Revenge of the Notebook Pen Scribble:

These were nasty. They have destroyed so many pages in the kids’ notebooks. Sorry Nature…

  • Snack time during lecture:

People who did this felt they were James Bond or something.

Every 90s Kid has made the above mentioned memories and we are happy to revisit them.

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