Crimes That Have been Left Unpunished

I say we stand up to this and raise our voice. We simply cannot let these exasperating individuals let them do as they please! Ok, I know I am going a little overboard here, but just look what they are doing to our staple heavenly dish of biryani.

  • Ali, why on earth are you doing this to us?

I have officially lost fate in humanity. Period.

  • Wanna eat health?

Well, there is something called salad, so just stick to that! Please don’t ruin our scrumptious biryani!

  • When you go overboard while proclaiming your love for biryani…

It’s blinding! That is all I can say.

  • Say what?!

Such sinful acts must come to an end.

  • The candy like biryani?

Humans are crazy! If you ever wake up to this candy, it would be my worst nightmare.

  • Meanwhile, in another country…

How to ruin the delightful taste of biryani in the name of invention… You have no conscience my dear friend? Trying to reinvent biryani is like trying to find life in Mars. #A Total Waste of Time#

  • The Biryani Burger…

I mean if there were a biryani cake, a burger would be too shocking!

  • Pizza Hut, Why you do this to us?

Birizza you say? Why don’t you just stick to your pizzas?

Maybe I came across a little too harsh. Apologies, but I just cannot stand it when people mess with Biryani! Do you agree with me? Or do you like the changes? Let us know!

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