Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bust Was a Major Failure and the Internet is Trolling Heavily

Cristiano Ronaldo is a legendary footballer and in his honor, a bust was unveiled in his native Madeira Islands. This was done at the time of re-christening of a local airport in his name. But the bust was horrendously inaccurate.

The internet didn’t take too kindly to this and ridiculed the shit out of his bust. It was a complete photoshop battle over his bust as master editors cruelly destroyed the designer, Emanuel Santos’ creation.

In reply to all the backlash, Emanuel said that even Jesus had shortcomings in pleasing everyone. This is just a matter of taste and the bust is not as simple as it seems.

Here are some of the best and most creative photoshop creations of Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust.


  • The sculpture does resemble him:

As you can see, Mark Smith photoshopped Ronaldo’s face and made it look like the bust!

  • The Bust in the latest horror movie IT:

Nick placed the bust in drainage of the latest trailer for the upcoming horror movie IT and it really does look horrifying enough to give nightmares!

  • People have gone and done a designer’s job:

Just change each and every feature on the face of Ronaldo and there you have it. A perfectly created bust!

  • Some people have had a weird liking to the bust as well:

This statue is clearly smiling to glory! This is one of the best memes on the internet. This guy should be given the Photoshop Award of the Year.

  • Finally, the bust is put to rest and trapped as well:

This image is way beyond hilarious. The bust is trapped in a cemented wall and is trying to escape to terrorize the city with the power of it’s mesmerizing smile!

No matter how many trolls come out, Cristiano Ronaldo will always be the most popular football player in the world.

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