Dad spots wild bears from car then stops to hand feed them in amazing footage

This is the bizarre moment that a driver stops his car to hand feed some tasty treats to wild bears.

Motorist Alexander Belonovich spotted the two brown bear cubs by the side of the road when he decided to pull over.

As the footage shows, with his family in the car, he pulled over, wound down his window and offered the cubs some food.

One of the cubs eating from Alexander's hand

He filmed himself holding out a variety of snacks in his hand and offering them to the bears.

They munched their way through two loaves of black bread, four packs of low-calorie cream cheese, and two wafers.

The cub leans towards Mr Belonovich, putting its paws on his car door.

But the unruffled motorist even got out of his vehicle to have a closer look at the cubs.

“During filming, no one was hurt,” he reassured viewers, after posting the video online where it quickly went viral.

The bizarre encounter took place in the in north-western Russia between the villages of Pushnoy and Lekhta.

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