Dads Are Crazy Fun and This Dad Proved That by Turning His Kid’s Toy Car into a Monster Car from the Movie Mad Max

Benji (5 Months old) and Little Junior (2 Years Old) have the coolest dad of all. Their dad transformed their kid rides into mad max machines proving that he is the coolest dad ever.

A director from Glendale, California, Ian Pfaff has converted his little kids’ coupes into vehicles from the famous movie Mad Max.

The movie is awesome and this dad realized that and brought some of the Mad Max creations into reality for his kids. Although it is an A-rated movie, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the ornate vehicles in the movie.

The cars looked like this before the transformation.

He gathered all the junk that was unused, like espresso machine parts and old computer parts and then added them to their toy cars.

Here is the result of the ultimate work of the director. The boys look really cute in their cars.

The cars really look like they mean business. Look at the intricate details!!

The mother of the toddlers even made matching outfits for them.

Ian Pfaff went all the way and did a custom job with the cars as well. He added gears and skulls to the monsters to make the cars look authentic. Look at the detailing on the front of the car.

Even the steering wheel of the car looks rugged and authentic. This dad is really a diehard fan of Mad Max.

Look at both Benji and Junior pulling them off with style. The little one looks a little too comfortable in this vehicle. May his ride take him to Valhalla!!!

Just kidding!!! Blessings and love to this incredible family of artists and cool parents. May they have a happy and cheerful and happening life ahead.

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