Dead Mythical Vampire Beast Has Been Found By A Fisherman And It Looks Freaky As Hell

Every culture has its own monster, a variation of the classic vampire legend; some foul, inhuman creature that shies away from the light, only creeping around the margins of civilisation. These monsters thirst for warm blood, savour the tearing of tendon and sinew, and when the sun dips below the horizon and shadows drape over the earth, these nightmares stir from their lairs to hunt.


Every abomination is unique. In Romania they’re known as “Strigoi”, pale corpses broken out of their tombs to devour the living. In India a “Bhut” is a wandering soul trapped betwixt heaven and hell which drinks blood from the skulls of its victims. But by far the most recent vampire myth to emerge is that of the “Chupacabra”, or “goat-sucker”, a terrifying anathema hailing from Central America, known for its insatiable thirst for goat’s blood.

But surely the Chupacabra is as fictional as Dracula. It can’t possibly exist, right? Wrong. Because one man claims to have found the body of the Chupacabra in the wetlands outside Ohio, and I’ll tell you one thing: it aint no Edward Cullen.


The first purported sightings of the legendary carnivore were in Puerto Rico in 1995. But since then the Chupacabra has been spotted as far south as Chile and as far north as Maine. The Chupacabra is alleged to be a very heavy creature, the roughly the same size as a small bear, with a row of sharp boney spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

The carcass of the beast, preserved in the mud and mire, was spotted by a guy who was fishing in Big Darby Creek in Ohio. The photo, which was later posted to Imgur, shows the head of an animal with huge teeth. It seems to resemble some kind of vicious, bald canine.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 14.08.52

Woah. As you can see, it most certainly is ugly at any rate. As to what happened to the creature after the picture was taken; we can now only guess. According to the amateur photographer, “I was tempted to [take it home] but didn’t want to sling that mess over my shoulder. I returned a few days later and the carcass was gone.” Hmm. Suspicious. Is there a simpler answer to this gruesome scene? Check out page three to find out.

Unfortunately for all you conspiracy theorists and cryptozoologists, if we apply the principle of Occam’s razor (that the simplest theory is the most likely to be true), then the origin of the carcass is a lot more mundane. Many supposed Chupacabras have been spied over the years, but in 99 cases out of 100 they turn out to be extremely mangy dogs, coyotes or racoons. There may well exist some kind of supernatural predator out there in the wild, but the majority of cases have just been very ugly animals. Take for instance this terrifying Chupacabra, which is actually a mangy bear cub.

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