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Dear Mark Zuckerberg, India Doesn’t Need You To Play Messiah

We love you for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is you helping us stay connected to our ridiculously large extended families, reminding us of birthdays of forgotten old aunts and giving us a place to share unlimited recipes of our namkeens and gulab jamuns. Our socially savvy government loves you too. And why shouldn’t we all love you? Facebook has pretty much revolutionised the world. From toppling regimes to sparking revolts, from elections to protests, there are few things that have happened in the world where Facebook has not played a role in shaping opinions, in venting anger, in creating hopes for a better reality.4-3 Honestly Facebook wields unimaginable amount of power. It is not an exaggeration to call Facebook the neo superpower, along with Google and Twitter, and you the billionaire superhero wielding this power. But there is a problem with superheroes. You are driven by the overpowering urge to do social good, to feed hungry children, to help women in distress, to transition into a messiah. And we the country of over a billion people with heart-warming stories of missing children saved from trafficking thanks to Facebook gives you the perfect platform. The young, hungry India can be a great launch pad for your which of course is a revolutionary idea born out of the characteristic altruism of a superhero turned messiah.4-1Behind this are your ideas of connecting hungry children in Africa to their more fortunate Kelloggs-fed American counterparts and jointly solving the problems of world hunger. Imagine the possibilities in a country like India. Chameli Mausi and Sukha Bhai and little Ram with the running nose, living in unnavigable villages, will all be introduced to the powers of the internet thanks to quaint hot-air balloons with possibly your smiling face painted on. (No that is ridiculous. You are not Kim Jong-un). So you have these heart-wrenching appeals posted all over your page asking deprived, voiceless Indians to get on the World Wide Web and experience a brave, new world.

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