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Now Streaming: ‘Defenders’ Packs a Colorful and Engaging Action Punch

One of the most awaited TV series ‘The Defenders’ is trending worldwide again. The streaming giant has already introduced the characters in the series “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” “Daredevil” and “Iron Fist.”They are all meant for one purpose, & each include complicated mythologies.


If you are still unfamiliar with the characters of this popular TV series, then here I will let you know about all the details of the characters from the series. Keep going.

The very first character is Alexandra, a wealthy woman, getting the news she has a terminal illness and only has a short time to live.It gives her a degree of sympathy, but we soon learn she heads a powerful criminal organization. Still, Weaver’s character never comes across as simply evil. Alexandra is sophisticated, even sensitive, appreciates the arts, and as we see, a survivor.

In the early episodes, Alexandra’s ultimate aim is murky. Apparently, her organization is capable of causing massive devastation in Newyork city. She’s clearly not about destruction, and while Alexandra is an intriguing shadowy figure, articulating what she was after would have given more focus and urgency to the plot.

Otherwise, it seems like the four superheroes are mostly doing their own thing in the early episodes. As we meet them, we’re re-introduced to their quirky natures. Ritter’s grumpy but nearly invincible Jessica Jones is a favorite, and the actress is able to convey a lot with just a look.

The others superheroes remain pretty true to form. Daredevil (Cox) is the blind lawyer Matt Murdock, who has deadly martial-arts skills but a prickly personality. The impenetrable Luke Cage (Colter) is the quiet, determined type, and Iron Fist (Jones) is billionaire Danny Rand whose special power is in the name.

‘The Defenders’ inserts a bit of welcome grit into its story. The showrunners of the series have brought up strong actors such as Tennant and Vincent D’Onofrio as villains.

The recent episode of ‘The Defenders’ shows them in a Chinese restaurant. The cold open of the heroes rushing into the restaurant and catching up on the basics of the plot is the most thrilling part of the episode, and the early exposition is imbued with urgency and humor to keep the story moving.

Jessica & Luke Matt are constantly getting lumped together while Danny is the odd man out. Krysten Ritter is the MVP of this episode,while Jessica has the most intense internal conflict of anyone in the group. The other heroes are easily convinced to work together to stop the Hand, she’s adamantly opposed to fighting a war that she’s ill-equipped for.

What will happen next? Well for this, you’ll have to watch to the 8th episode of it. So, tune in to Netflix now for viewing this episode.

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