Delhi People: Love them or Hate them, But you can Never Ignore them!

Delhi is the capital city of our nation. This city has its own charm and charisma that is quite different from the other cities. If you are planning to visit this city, be warned because the stereotypes about the people of this city are not entirely false.

Here is a little head up for your visit, so as to save yourself from the brawl that you may unintentionally cause with the Delhi people.

  • Never say your city is better than Delhi

This could infuriate the dilliwale. So, save yourself the trouble!

  • Sarojini Market, is that the one that sells cheap clothes?

Smart shopping is the mantra of the Delhi divas. So, unless you are ready to incur their wrath, you might as well keep those opinion to yourself.

  • Why so much slang?

If you are new to Delhi, you might get a little hurt-emotionally by their habitual use of gali in every other sentence. Don’t stress yourself over this, this is how everyone talks there.

  • Delhiites are ghamandi

True that! The snobbish nature are most often attribute to a Delhiites. But, this second nature of theirs could sometimes be justified as they do reside in the capital on the nation.

  • Oh you are from DU…? Hence this jhola huh?

Nope. Don’t even go there!

  • The Delhi metro is….

Complete this sentence only if you have something nice to say about it, else save your breath.

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