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These Delicious Foods Concealed As Other Dishes Are Baffling Our Taste Buds

Good food is an enchanted thing. It makes your mood go wimpy to wow. It gets you above the rigidities of the day, it chains flawless with almost any activity. As imperative as the taste of food is though, more over presentation makes a huge difference, which is why it’s totally dissimilar trip to eat something that looks likes like somewhat else. If you unable to hook to my drift, go through the mouthwatering dishes below, all of which have been masked to look like other such foods and puzzle your plate.

Verjus in Egg by Heston Blumenthal

This is truly made of a verjus egg yolk, chocolate egg shell and coconut pannacotta.

This delicious dish by the master chef seems to be like a hardboiled egg on the upper part of rice noodles, but it’s much more than that which includes multi-layered chocolate egg shell, coconut pannacotta, and a verjus egg yolk, this dish involves nearly 100 different steps to prepare!

Check out a video for crazy creations


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