Before we move into the depth knowledge of the hottest tech skills for the computer world, let’s first consider some of the stats which will help you in getting some knowledge about the craze of technology in 2017.

  • 38% enterprises are planning to increase their spending on the data analytics in 2017. This data analytics may include enterprise analytics, big data, data mining and business intelligence.
  • 47% of them are planning to increase their spending on technology securities. These may include intrusion prevention, access control, malware/virus protection, privacy and identity management.
  • Focusing on improving employee’s efficiency that is about 47% and developing customer’s satisfaction or experience about 46%. These are the top two priorities of IT departments in 2017.
  • These are some of the insights from the Computerworld’s Tech Forecast 2017 survey which was published on the basis of 196 responses. Have a look in the below picture.
  • Top 10 skill respondents plan to hire in 2017

According to the report of Hayman city, it was informed that 500,00 to 1 million IT jobs are left unfilled every year. These stats must have given you an idea about the requirement IT jobs. Now let us move into the top 4 in-demand tech skills which you can consider this year.


When was asked about hiring in this tech field, then 35% of the respondents said that they will be hiring candidates interested in this field? As we all know that software and app? location development is still prevailing. For continuing this, companies need tech pros. The one who are able to customize off- the shelf application. Yes, in the demand for software as a service (SaaS), systems are still needed to be maintained, updated which can further sustain the need of programmers and developers.

As there is a strong demand for such specialists, organizations have to offer the top dollar to attract the talents.


35% of respondents pointed that they will be hiring people with this skills. They are pointing that they will be looking for the candidates who help them in bringing the best policies, practices, and procedure. The desk help support members are having a high demand because the technology is very pervasive. It is quite important to find a right person for this job. Though sometimes, the technician’s support are considered as an entry level position, but still every company requires someone who is having a broad knowledge of software and hardware systems. So that they are able to handle request from the overall organization. Also, the salary may range from $36,000 to $51,750 for the tier 1 workers, for the tier 3 professionals it may range from $60,000 to $80,000.


For the security purpose, 26% responded that they will be targeting hiring in this field. We all know that security is an always an ever-evolving threat as it helps you to judge whether your own skills are up to date or not. Every small or big organization needs staffs who can help them out with the security issues so that their data security is done and it becomes an essential part of their organization. You need to have security policies from the start of your organization. It was reported from many organization that they have to pay the top dollar to find trouble in the security.



26% of candidates are targeted to be hired by the respondents this year. It was noticed over the year, that several companies have migrated more infrastructures to Cloud. Many famous business people now work with cloud technologies. This cloud environment is growing very fast thus creating a great opportunity for businesses as well as workers. The demand is so high that it businesses are looking for the candidates who have skills and experience for SaaS or the cloud-related positions.


These were some of the hottest demand of top tech skills for 2017. Many businesspeople are wishing to hire candidates for the IT jobs and if you are the one who is interested in the IT sectors then you are having a great opportunity to get hired this year for sure. As the demand for IT, jobs are increasing day by day.

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