Desi Twitter Meals Roasted by the Bold Straight Forward Chef Gordon Ramsay

You all know Gordon Ramsay as the hit TV chef who is bold and direct in whatever he critiques. Gordon is also very active on his twitter handle and makes sure that his flair of insult is clearly reflected in whatever he tweets.

He is one of the most ferocious Television celebrities and maybe he is like that in real life as well. But this is for certain that Gordon Ramsay of TV is same as the Gordon Ramsay of twitter. Many folks ask him to rate their food or comment on it and the good person he is, he always obliges in his own direct and bold way.

Here are some of the tweets where Ramsay roasted Indian cuisine:

  • How come she thinks this is an entrée?

The presentation is like the cook doesn’t even care how his food looks like no matter how delicious it is. And @hinasafi, you are wrong here. Punjabi appetite can have anything completely.

  • I don’t think this is even a dish:

Gordon Ramsay would have been tired of getting made up dishes by now. We are here with you Ramsay. We support you and understand your pain.

  • That’s just savage! But it does look delicious to me:

Mr. Ramsay, there is a saying in India. The messier the food looks, the better it tastes. Try for yourself.

  • To the uninitiated, she meant Chutney:

Having a breakfast that smiles at you is always nice. Or is it always creepy? I’m confused.

  • Alien Bangladesh pasta. Any takers?

It looks like the alien from the latest space horror movie Life. That movie was really scary.

As you can see Gordon Ramsay is as savage as someone can get. He is blunt and says what’s on his mind and he is scared of no one. But I suggest tread carefully when dealing with Indian folk.

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