Did Satya Nadella Wipe Off His Hands After A Handshake With PM Narendra Modi?

As insults go wiping off your hands after a handshake generally means that it was something nasty which you didn’t really wish to partake of. Not sure if Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella knew how much of an eagle-eye Modi’s bhakts are, because they spotted it. As did the rest of the social media world.


Did Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella actually wipe his hands off after shaking it with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Well, it seems so after watching the video.

Nadella’s act has led to various kinds of reactions in the media with some calling it an ‘insult’ while other stating that it could just be ‘a habit’. Nadella’s intention cannot be ascertained by watching the video, but such clips can be really embarassing at times.


Check out the video and judge it for yourself.


The big question is if this is what Nadella usually does after shaking hands with everyone or PM Modi was an exception in this particular case. The alleged incident took place  at ‘Digital India’ dinner in Silicon Valley where Modi met CEOs of tech majors in Silicon Valley.

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