Difference between Teachers in School and Colleges According to Students

College is starting for almost all the students across the United States and freshers are getting overwhelming feelings about being in the university for the first time. Slowly these students are realizing that college and high school are very different.

Many people took to Twitter to start explaining how they felt in school and how they feel in college. These folks compared their high school teachers and university professors accurately and we just love it. Here are the top picks from Twitter:

  • No PowerPoint in College According to High School Teachers:

This is completely true. Every professor uses PowerPoint presentations and even the assignments are mainly PowerPoint presentations!!!

  • High School Teacher: “College Is Really Tough!” In Reality, Not So Much:

Almost all high school teachers wanted to be taken seriously and demanded that. College professors, on the other hand, are just normal folks who get tired now and then!

  • College Professors Are a Little Too Open about Their Life:

High school teachers generally don’t share personal stuff, but college professors on the other hand are really open about what goes on in their life.

  • High School Discourages Social Media and College Encourages It:

You should really connect with your college professors. They would help you tremendously and enormously in your career.

  • “Woke Up Late, Quiz Cancelled! Everybody Got a 100!!”

College is easier than what our high school teachers portrayed it like. I feel that it is easier than high school!!! Plus you are only studying what you love, which makes it even easier.

Believe it or not, college life is very different from high school life. There are many subtle differences and many obvious ones. Teachers have a different way of approaching studies as well as students, which is why college life is a whole new experience.

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