Dinner In The Sky In Brussels

Gourmet food lovers get the chance this week to have “Dinner in the Sky” served by star chefs on platforms hoisted 50 metres (165 feet) into the air by construction cranes in the Belgian capital Brussels.

Some 4,500 guests are expected for the 10th anniversary Dinner in the Sky at Brussels’ Atomium, a complex of steel spheres and walkways in the form of a crystal that has become the city symbol since being built for the 1958 World’s Fair.

Each year, 10 chefs cook on the platforms suspended in the air around the Atomium and serve guests seated at adjacent long tables.

The Dinner in the Sky runs from June 1-5. Organiser David Ghyssel, who conceived the idea in 2006, said selected partners had already staged it in 56 other countries including the United States, India, with more to take part in coming months.

See the video:

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