Divers Went To A Strange Area Underwater, What They Found Was Truly Shocking

Diving is a fun experience that allows people to explore bodies of water. You can closely view various marine creatures and plants that thrive underwater.

However, there are times when you do not want to discover things underwater. Check out the story below to see what this driver found during a dive conducted at night.

It was dark, but the last dive had to be done.


There was a source of light, but it was limited


Underneath the dark waters, something was looming


A bicycle was mysteriously found underwater


A closeup reveals that it already had rusts


A brick and chains were discovered by the driver.


Was someone trapped to die underwater?


A baby stroller was also found, indicating a baby also died


A terrifying woman attacks the driver while holding a baby


The woman scares the driver and the video immediately ends.


However, do not worry because this is not real. This is actually just a short film made for the “3:07 AM Project” to promote the film titled The Conjuring.

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