DIY Glowing Jars: Make Impressive Night Lights At Home!

If you have kids you already know that occasionally the dark could get truly frightening for them. To help relieve them to get to sleep overnight, ensure they’ve got a night light. This is usually a clean approach to create your personal glow in the dark night light in no matter what color they like! You just need liquid, a jar and glow sticks. DIY Glowing Jars

Notice: Glow sticks are dangerous and toxic so do not allow your kids have fun with them by themselves or during the entire process of creating these.

DIY Glowing Jars

DIY Glowing Jars: Make Impressive Night Lights At Home!


The technique for doing this glowing jar is:

Find ideal jars

Fill up jars with water

Buy some glow sticks, and very carefully! Glow sticks can be dangerous and toxic. Use the broken glow sticks and mix them into each jar.

DIY Glowing Jars

DIY Glowing Jars

Excellent for your “mad scientist” developed. Or simply just dark lighting (DIY Glowing Jars) generally for the evening bash.

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