Do you hate Laundry? If yes, then you can totally relate to these 10 tweets!

Doing the household chores seems to be a never ending task. No matter how much you do, something or the other is always left. Out of all the household chores one could think of, doing laundry is the most tiresome and boring task. We all really wish that we could avoid it but it becomes necessary when you spoil your favorite top and you need it for a special date or when you realize your comfortable jeans is amongst the dirty set of clothes that you have been piling up just because you feel lazy. And then, you just have to pick up all your clothes after washing and place it back in your wardrobe in a very organized manner otherwise your mother will put you on house arrest.

If you are a hater of laundry, then these 17 tweets will make you sympathize with these people who are fed up of laundry just like you.

  • Doing laundry is certainly the worst thing ever. You can literally call it the most daunting job of all time.

  • Laundry is also the most tiring job ever. You fold two clothes and damn you are exhausted!

  • This is one task that will drain you from top to bottom because it takes up so much of effort.

  • There is nothing fun about laundry. Everything is just very horrible. No wonder people hate it so much.

  • When you are so fed up with laundry that you are ready to throw away your clothes rather than washing them and shrink the size of your wardrobe.

  • The above situation gets worse, when someone else contributes to this scenario. You feel liking breaking ties with such a person.

  • Yeah, a tough one! I fail to classify this too!

  • A valid point. Why to fold the clothes when they are to be worn again! Who made this rule?

  • Even the magic show that happens while doing laundry is so irritating.

  • The chair saves the day!

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