Don’t Say This to Your Musician Friend and Make Him Feel Bad!

  1. Demotivation Level High!!

When people hear a song, the first thing they like to do is compare, which irritates the artists. None of the singers like to be compared with others all of them want their own name and fame and comparing them with others only lowers their confidence level.

  1. To Be or Not to Be..!!!

People nowadays consider being a musician to be a failure. Maybe they don’t like people who are being given importance for not working as hard on books as them. They just have to understand that a person works as hard on his guitar as the others work on books….it’s just a matter of interest.

  1. So Hard to Give Respect???

The main reason behind music not being a very famous job profession is that the pay is low unless and until you’re a real sensation. Moreover, people think them to be entertaining people and technically of no use. But they just consider them superior and want to show others that they are not too affordable.

  1. Being a Musician Is Tough

Being focused on a single thing and not having any plans of any other thing! Well, musicians try to ignore the fact of not being successful. They just have confidence over them, but are too scared of the competition.

      5. No Real Job

They just try to focus on one thing and that is music. They consider it as their job and everything. Earning from this field is not their primary concern – they just love doing their thing and do not care about anything else.

     6.They Just Want Every Lyric Correct

Every singer is self-obsessed and just want every lyric to be perfect. And trust me they don’t want you to interfere. They just hate interference and if you try to correct them or something they get real pissed off.

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