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Doomsday Clock Waits At 3 Minutes To Midnight

The world is still 3 minutes to doomsday.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists chose not to move the hands of the “Doomsday Clock,” which tracks how close humanity is to a global catastrophe. The clock was updated to 11:57 p.m. in January of last year.

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“The clock remains at the closest to the brink since 1983, when U.S.-Russian tensions were also at their iciest,” Lawrence Krauss, a chair of the Bulletin Board of Sponsors and the director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University, said on behalf of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at a press briefing on Tuesday (Jan. 26).


Despite some bright spots, including the signing of a historic climate-change agreement in Paris and a nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran, other geopolitical factors weigh against moving the hands of the clock back, scientists said.

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