The Eccentricities of the 80’s in Bollywood

Bollywood has completed a journey of more than a century and in this long journey, its facets have evolved a lot. From the bulky heroes of 40s to six-pack ones, from the era of method acting to angry young man and finally to chocolaty heroes, movie style & the genre has changed drastically.

While every decade has something distinct to offer in this entire journey, it’s the Eighties that is often labeled as a wasted decade for commercial Hindi cinema.

The all white outfits of Jeetendra and awkward dance sequences with Sridevi and Jayaprada in every other film.

Dressing in Superman and Spiderman outfits, what are Govinda and Kimi actually trying to achieve.

The angry young man decided to document the world in the outfit of the savior.

Jeetendra was so such much engrossed with his on-screen wife that momentarily he forgot that he has a real life wife too.

Deadpool released last year but Mithun da was way ahead of time.

Who wrote this weird script…Comparing heart with a cabbage…. Seriously!!

Not every mission is going to be successful…only this time around Mithun realized it late.

Such a fantastic actor but trying to pull the schoolgirl look…Why?

Omg….who thought of this makeup for such a beautiful actress like Rekha…looks like she passed out at a party and friends had a blast trying their painting skill on her face.

Perfect combo of a tractor and motorcycle.

Why did Suresh Oberoi want to prove in the eighties that he is a reggae fan… a good twenty years after the style was introduced?

The Indian movie hero is capable of doing ultrasound….why waste money going to a doctor.

Dharmendra took the Greek God thing quite literally.

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