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Edible Toy Truck that will make you crave for Cake

If you have been super busy and not able to stop by your favourite cake shop, then you’re going to regret even more after reading this article. Well, here is a toy truck that will make your sweet tooth crave harder for the ice-cold frostings, pastries, and those blissful cakes. This simple toy truck is immersed in savouries, and the images and videos have gone viral.

The video starts with a simple toy truck which later turns into slices of cake. The video posted by Pandora Cake Shop is going viral all over the social networking sites. With over 12,000 likes and more than a million views on Facebook, the toy truck is something that everyone wants to have a bite off.


The Pandora Cake Shop is known for their creativity and whipping up confections designs is their forte. With time, brainstorming ideas, and dedication towards pleasing their customers, cake shops come up with such delicate and exquisite designs. These cakes not only look attractive but also taste better than compared to traditional models.

The favorite themes involving cake designs attracts everyone because a cake is something everyone loves to eat. They make a great focal point at a party and are an instant attraction with their very colorful and aesthetic designs.

There have been several reports of internet broken with people’s creativity, especially during holiday seasons. The Christmas season and New Year’s Eve lingers with beautiful cakes in all bakery and cake shops. There are several showcases too wherein chefs, and bakers make theme cakes, and the best cake is selected from all the showcased ones.

Well, now the internet is going crazy over the cute toy truck, the truck can also be controlled through a remote to move it from one place to another. Have a look at the clip posted by Pandora Cake Shop on Facebook.

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