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Here’s What the Experts say about the Effects of Solar Eclipse on Eyes


The US will witness a perfect solar eclipse today for the first time in history allowing millions of people to observe this phenomenal event. This total solar eclipse, an event occurring in 99 years, has been dubbed as “The Great American Eclipse” and it will cover the entire US.

Solar eclipses are one of the heavenly events, a time period when the moon captures the Sun. It is believed as a superstitious event in countries like India, where it is an inauspicious period, especially for pregnant women. Along with this, there are reasons like, sudden behavioral change among animals, damage to skin & eyes etc.


Solar Eclipses do have harmful effects over the body, especially eyes. Researchers say that eclipses shouldn’t be looked with naked eyes. “If people look without the proper protection [at the sun], they run the risk of injuring their eyes. And if they get an injury, depending on how often and how long they look at the sun without the protection, they do have a substantial risk of developing a permanent loss of vision,” said Dr. B. Ralph Chou, President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

According to experts, viewing the sun with your naked eye during the eclipse can burn your retina, damaging the images your brain can view. This phenomenon, known as “eclipse blindness,” can cause temporary or permanent vision impairment, and in worst-case scenarios can lead to legal blindness, which entails significant loss of vision.

Though the Solar eclipse will last about an hour & a half, but the countries which will experience the view, will only see it for a minute or seconds. So, you need to protect your eyes for a smaller time period.


You can protect your eyes by wearing ‘Eclipse Glasses’. This will protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. It will be better if you stay at home for sometime. You shouldn’t take the risk of looking at the sun & hurting your eyes right!

As far as the view of Solar Eclipse is concerned, you can see it on US cable TV & in  NASA website. So, get ready to witness this rare event, with total protection!

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