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Elderly People and Their Fight With Technology

The advancement in technology sector in recent years has been really rapid. It is at a completely different pace as compared to a decade or two decades ago.

Social media empowers the current world and you can get any information online. All you need to do is click a button. Although many of us do understand the use of current technologies, many of the older generations have been struggling to catch up.

Here are six of the funniest photos found online depicting this struggle.

  • Easy to Follow

The above remote has a guide that explains all the buttons which are necessary for controlling minimum and adequate features on the remote. This remote is perfect for anyone who is not friendly with technology.

  • Extra Points for Extra Effort

This grandma prefers the old fashioned way of copy pasting. She doesn’t like the inbuilt copy paste of the computer. She goes the golden paper pencil way. This adds a 15 second latency in page load.

  • Polite Grandma

Well, all of us should learn something from this grandma. This is the most genuine search anyone has ever done on the internet.

  • Technology Victory

This old lady took a selfie successfully and after the triumph, she took a printout to celebrate her victory over technology.

  • Beautiful View

Points to this mom for giving it a try. It is clear that practice makes perfect. Even if practice made the next photo blurry as well, but at least a tiny bit of effort was given to this task.

  • 3D Kittens

This old lady is using 3D technology for the right reasons, as cats are everything. Perhaps now we can introduce her to the world of virtual reality.

The struggle is real people. So go and help your elders to understand how technology can better their lives.

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