Engineering: The Most Sought-After Career Tops In Being The Butt Of Jokes Too

In India, parents want their kids to become either engineers or doctors. As medicine study takes long, most of the parents prefer that their kids should take up engineering. It is not easy to crack the entrance and these kids toil hard since their childhood to get into a reputed engineering college. These engineers or the would-be engineers are always the focal point of the jokes and memes that keep trending on social media.

  •    With too many papers to clear in each semester, it is taken for granted that each one will have backlog in some paper.

  •  When you can change the font of MS Word, Boy, you have the potential to be a Computer Engineer.

  •    Does Array in English mean different from the one in Hindi?

  •   When Engineers are questioned about some technological thing, they often come up with this excuse.

  •    You can put an engineer to work only after challenging his ego by saying the word ‘impossible.’

  •    No one can hurt us as we don’t have feelings.

  •    Who needs any safety measure? An engineer’s personality is enough to be used as birth control.

  •   I should have opted for engineering …then no one would have questioned my single status.

  •    God save you if you got into an argument with an engineer. It’s like wrestling with a pig in mud. The earlier you realise, the better for you.

  •    My last wish, as an engineer, would be that those who worked with me lower my body into the grave so that they can get the satisfaction of letting me down one last time.

  •    Only an engineer can think of opening a thing to see the working.

  •   Whosoever quoted the phrase ‘Half knowledge is a dangerous thing’ sure hasn’t met the engineers.

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