Enjoy These Game of Thrones Memes Till You Wait for Season 8 of the Show

The second last season of the greatest show in the history of the world has ended and the fans can’t wait for the last season. According to the creators of the show, the final season isn’t going to be released until 2019! You read that right! You won’t be able to see The Great War for two whole years!

The fans are devastated by this news, but there is something that the fans can hold on to till then. It’s the Game of Thrones memes. Enjoy these awesome GOT Memes and may they “Hold the Door” for you till the final season releases!

  • I Want Her to Know It Was Me!

Why Lady Olenna Tyrell is always portrayed as a cat? I feel she is more of a Lioness than Cersei. She’s bold and fearless and isn’t afraid of anything! She does look cute though!

  • The Sole Survivor of the House of Mormont in the North and a Badass Like the Entire Family:

Lyanna Mormont is the only one who actually knows what loyalty is and she continues to show that she is smarter than the grownups in every possible way.

  • Let the Night King Deal with College and Other Expenses:

The kid would be better off with the Night King anyway. Look at the night king’s suit and look at your dress. Night King is clearly richer!!

  • Mahendra Baahubali!!!!

This meme is just for people who have watched India’s Super Blockbuster highest grossing movie series, Baahubali!

  • Lyanna Is Rajnikanth/Chuck Norris of Game Of Thrones:

She can literally do everything! Plus she’s way stronger and fiercer. I’m sure, if given a chance, she would kill the Night King with her fiery words too!

Hope to see more fiery action in the next season of Game of Thrones.

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