It’s Been Established: Common Sense is NOT Very Common These Days!

Once you check out the pictures below, you wouldn’t agree with me more. Trust me! Below you can find a hysterical collection of blunders and the thug-life attitude that some people have. Have fun!


  • Say What?


‘To err is human and to forgive is divine.’ That is all I could say! Proof-reading NEEDS to come back in style again.


  • My life, my rules


Yes, your life, your rules. We get it. However, I am pretty sure Jon Bovi didn’t say, ‘It’s is my life’.  Now, I am desperately hoping it was a temporary tattoo.


  • The irony


I am pretty sure it wasn’t, but I would still give you a point for your courage.


  • Call me, maybe?


The expression, make-up, gesture – on fleek. However, only if she had paid a little more attention to the phone-like thing she was holding.


  • Just a regular day


Oh! There it is! A beautiful sky, cars driving by, one being fixed and yes of course…a boat – right in the middle of the road! That’s something we come across every day, don’t we?


  • She’s got her swag on


Now I know her source of inspiration! Aww… Don’t they look adorable?


  • Just life hacks


What can I say? Necessity is the mother of invention…


  • What just happened?


This is something you wouldn’t want to see even in your wildest nightmares.


  • The axe effect


I am merely waiting for the Indian ad companies to catch up…


  • Love is truly blind


But the real question is…Is it her love for the meat or the dorky guy? Hmm… Something to think about.

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