Ever Wondered What Certain Objects Would Say If They Could Talk to Us?

From the start to the end of each day, we end up using several types of products. These products are the best gifts of technology as they make our lives so comfortable and convenient.

But have you ever thought what these products would say to us if they were able to communicate with us. You might think it would be creepy, but actually it is going to be quite hilarious.

Because believe us, if they could talk, they would have certain feelings too, which they would definitely want to express.

We shortlisted some of the most frequently used products from our everyday regime and this is what we think they would want to say to us. This is certainly going to be the best thing that you read today. Here, check it out.

  1. Because sticking to one channel is really difficult….

  1. Yes, the kajal is a necessity every time you step outside your home.
  2. Earphones are our favourite companions.

  1. Surely the charger does not feel this way.
  2. The all-time saviour of smokers.
  3. Yes, Instagram, a picture of everything must be uploaded.
  4. Sorry dude. The new friends are way cooler.
  5. Haha! Selfie is an obsession we are never getting over.

  1. That is exactly what we do. The drinks are the best excuse.
  2. Because it takes a lot of time to have bath….
  3. But bike, we always love you.
  4. Not required jeans. You look awesome when dirty also.

Now that you know what these everyday products might say to you, you should start taking care of them more and take their feelings into consideration also. Lol!!

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