Every Year, This Michigan School Opens Its Doors To Some Very Important Visitors

In a Thursday, April 28, 2016 photo, Vanessa the duck leads her offspring through the halls of the Village Elementary school in Hartland, Mich. to the outdoors. Vanessa has returned to the Village Elementary school courtyard to lay her eggs for the past 13 years, and the school has formed a close bond with the duck. Every year this momma duck nests in the courtyard of Hartland's Village Elementary, and once her eggs hatch, the school staff creates a safe passageway. Vanessa seems to understand, and leads her offspring through an open door of the courtyard, and through the halls to an exterior door. (Gillis Benedict/Livingston County Daily Press & Argus via AP) NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT

Spring is finally here, and for one town in Michigan, that means it’s duck season!
But these folks in Hartland, Michigan, don’t hunt the ducks. Instead, they just let them take over for the day! For the past 13 years, Village Elementary School has allowed a mother duck named Vanessa to roam the halls on her way to a specific shrub where she lays her eggs.

Teachers and students peek out of their classroom windows as they wait for the eggs to hatch, and when they do, they help guide the new family out of the school.

Sure, it’s odd, but it also teaches students about some seriously adorable critters! I’d gladly give the hallways to Vanessa every year if it meant seeing some ducklings. Why didn’t my school do this?
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