Everyday Mundane Situations Poetically Explained in Gulzar Saab’s Andaaz

Gulzar Saab is one of the oldest and greatest lyricists of the Bollywood industry and there is no introduction needed for him. He knows his way around words and how to use them in a poetic and musical way so that other people feel what he tries to make them feel. His creativity knows no bounds, which is why we bring you everyday happenings in a special Gulzar lyrical way.

Here are some of the best ones:

  • When Gulzar Needs to Pee:

It starts from the stomach like waves of the ocean and it feels like these waves need a shore to crash upon!

  • When Gulzar Accidentally Bites into Elaichi While Enjoying Biryani:

It got into my heart in such a way that the odor of it is still fragrant to me.

  • When Gulzar Gets No Co-Passenger in a Shared Cab:

There is no sadness about you not coming. At least, because of this, I can breathe a bit of fresh air for a few moments!!

  • When Gulzar Finds Out That Indian Squash Is Today’s Dish:

Outsiders aren’t the ones who instigate pain on me. Mostly heartbreakers are the ones who are close to me!!

  • When Someone Farts in the Metro, Gulzar Says:

Your smell is the indication of you being there. I can’t see you, but you are still close to me!

  • When Gulzar Forgets His Earphones:

In this crowd of people also, I feel alone. Even in this noise, I wait for your voice to call me!!

Whatever you say, these are the most polite and poetic ways of saying all these regular instances and that is the reason why we love Gulzar saab so much. May his lyrics stay eternal and everlasting!

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