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Ex Wrestling Champ Fights Off Seven Police Officers In Ridiculous Street Brawl

DUI attorneys listen up. What do you have if you get a former professional wrestler and fill him with booze? Well in this case, the answer is a pretty angry and aggressive brawl in the street. Vyacheslav Oliynyk is world famous for winning gold for Ukraine in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but the strongman has now become a viral sensation after a bizarre stand off with police in Kiev.

Stopped on suspicion of being over the drunk driving limit, the former wrester had been celebrating his 50th birthday, and didn’t appreciate his day of partying being interrupted by the law. The amazing footage starts with Oliynyk pushing one of the officers, before he gets pepper sprayed in the face.


Not ready to phone a DUI laywer just yet, the gold medal winner got seriously annoyed – prompting police to try and subdue him with batons. When this failed however, they decided that there was safety in numbers. The footage is going understandably mad online, as Oliynyk manages to expertly hold off seven officers – flick over to the next page to see it in all its glory.

Bleeding profusely, Oliynyk uses all his skills as a professional wrestler to stop the police from taking him off to jail. Throwing punches and taking quite a lot of damage in the process, the Ukrainian refused to go down without a fight. Check out the video below to see this epic encounter from start to finish… I think it’s about time he hired a good motoring lawyer.

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