The Existing Paradox of Majority of the Indian Parents

Parents are undoubtedly the epitome of unconditional love and care. They are our guides, teachers, providers who nourish us & nurture us to become better human beings. If the child does better than them, they are the ones who feel proud and happy but ……

A majority of Indian parents irrespective of the social status or the educational strata often give such contradictory statements that you can do nothing but laugh.

  • Most of parents often complain that the new generation is too fond of eating out but they themselves don’t miss out any such chance. The best thing is when they make this complaint while asking the chaatvaala to put some extra chutney on their tikka.

  • On one hand Dad wants me to take my decisions and when I do, he dictates terms. Decide man, should I take my own decisions or not?

  • While they always want their children to speak truth…nothing but truth they make my day start with a lie.

  • Why do they change their stand so many times a day…sometimes they say tell me and when I do they feel I am getting arrogant.

  • If I am at home spending my time with my phone, TV or laptop, mom wants me to go out in open air and when I go out she complains I am always out…What to do man?

  • Indian parents only wants their kids to excel in studies and when we don’t get medals in Olympics they feel betrayed.

  • Mom wants me to have a six pack body after eating all those ghee laden parathas….Seriously!!

  • If I use WhatsApp my eyesight will suffer, then why do you want to learn it from me.

  • If you want that I should follow all rules and don’t drive mobike before I turn 18 why are you promising a bike after X boards result.


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