Few pics that will simply make you go nuts.

There are sometimes certain posts or pictures that make you go mad, babble, and fume.  You start wracking your brain but the result is still the same. And, finally, you realize that you can’t do much about it and then you collapse and let it go.

You need to give credit this guy for his/her creative juices…what a depiction of Thomas.

People always are so fascinated about decorating the b’day party venue with balloons…little did anyone realize, it’s nothing but a plastic sack full of breath before this.

Did you try changing the volume of that voice which is in your head…whether you whisper or shout it hits the same!

Go through the Dj library once and then I dare you, if you find anything unique…It’s always mix and match.

You are so used to using slangs. …Were you aware that slang is actually a slang for short language…. Surprised, isn’t it!!!

Going by the word Bike, I feel Mike should be the one used for Mycycle.

Goofy’s accent makes discuss and discourse sound the same.

English is definitely a stupid language, where minute and minute are spelt the same but pronounced differently….There are so many such twins that have same spelling but different pronunciation and meanings…

Simply replacing ‘W’ with ’T’ in question words like what, where, when would have made life so much simpler.

It really took me 23 long years to understand the idiom  ‘Be there or be square’

The saddest moment is when your very own parents put you down as a baby and never picked you back again.

Spiritual leaders say that there’s a skeleton inside you and science says its brain or you inside a skeleton…definitely two very different ways to see life.

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