Fighting Fire with Fire? This is Unlikely to Please DNA

With the IPL Fever in town, controversies are bound to happen. And looks like the Daily News and Analysis better known, as DNA was way too eager to create some! However, the controversy is not going how the leading newspaper had wished for it to go.

Bottom Line: DNA dug its own grave.

So, what happened was, earlier this week, there was this standard, fairly uninteresting picture of our favorite batsman, Virat Kohli being interviewed by Archana Vijaya, IPL presenter that hit the internet.

It is pretty clear in the photo that Virat was trying to the content off a card, which was being held over Archana’s legs.

However, DNA, a mainstream news publication had a quite different view point!

They posted a complete report about the picture, suggesting that Virat’s girlfriend, (the gorgeous Anushka Sharma), would be pleased by him as he was caught staring at Archana legs.

DNA and a Tweet and a Story!

Take a look at their story. Its incredulous…!

Virat Kohli’s Instagram profile picture is one with his lady love Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma. But this time a photo has surfaced in social media which will not please Anushka for sure. Virat known for his timing of shots on the field, has now become victim of a badly-timed photo. In this photo he is seen gazing at IPL anchor Archana Vijaya’s ripped jeans. We wouldn’t want to be in Virat Kohi’s shoes when he explains this one to Anushka.

But, this time neither Sharma nor Kohli were needed to come out to bat, the Twitteraties did this favor for the couple and hit the DNA publication for a smacking six.  Many of the users called out DNA on their cheap and frivolous insinuations. They even pointed out to DNA that Virat was clearly not ‘gazing at the anchor’s ripped jeans’ but was simply reading the card held by the IPL anchor.

Take that DNA!

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