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First-Born Kids Are More Intelligent and Smarter

According to a new research done by German University, it has been found that the eldest child in a family has a higher IQ than their younger siblings. The reason behind the fact is that they receive more mental stimulation from their parents at an early age. The researchers found a difference of 1.5 IQ points between each sibling in a family and this has been confirmed after taking into account three national surveys.

As per the report by National Academy of Sciences journal, it is stated that first-borns develop quicker because they can ‘tutor’ younger siblings as they explain them how the world works as they have some practical knowledge. Teaching other people is not that easy. The children need to recall their own knowledge and then think of a good way to explain it, which boosts the intelligence of firstborns. The study also says that first-borns are often perfectionists while last-born kids are more towards mischiefs.

To be more practical, a test was organized where thinking ability, vocabulary, and reading skills were tested. Family background and economic status were also checked and the result came out as firstborns scored higher when compared to their younger siblings.

Firstborns get more attention, especially in those important formative years, which count a lot during their development phase. There are some experts who say middle children in a family believe in maintaining the peace, whereas the younger kid of the family is more creative and social than his or her siblings.

Professor Stefan Schmukle from Leipzig University said there are no substantial effects of birth order when it is compared with the personality dimensions because all children are individuals. As per him, four out of ten cases show that later-born is way smarter than his or her older sibling.

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