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First-Ever Dengue Vaccine Cleared; Bride Rejects Groom After He Fails ‘IQ Test’

With three days left to go for reaching an agreement to combat climate change, finance is turning out to be a thorn in the side of the negotiations at the Le Bourget Centre. In a show of force, four major econotmies – Brazil, South Africa, India and China — highlighted that developed countries had not delivered on their commitment to providing $100 billion till 2020. Delhi’s love for owning real estate continues, despite the fact that the real estate sector in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) surrounding it, continues to be in a mess.

Lakhs of people are still stuck with homes which are under construction and have been under construction for a while now. Despite this, still, others are ready to buy under-construction homes so that when the price goes up, they can cash-in.

Compensation, uniforms, loans — the Tamil Nadu government outlines its plans to help people affected by the floods get back on their feet. This organic producer is sowing seeds of hope in Delhi by encouraging kitchen gardens.

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