Fitness Is Important and These Funny Memes Would Make You Think It Is Hilarious Too

Fitness has been a crucial part of everyone’s lives. Then gyms came into our lives and completely revitalized the fitness regime. People go to gyms to shed off their excess weight, get their body toned, build up their body or what most people do i.e. pass time. People go to gym to click snaps and gossip with friends.

But some are serious about going to a gym since they are toddlers. Those kind of people are also not respecting the concept of gym. Gym should be for only those people who are serious about building up their body, but these cartoons are just for laughs for the serious people. There should be some entertainment at the gyms!

Here are funny fitness memes that would make you cry your eyes out laughing:

  • Go Hard or Go Home:

When you want to beat the hell out of a big bully, all you think is making that extra pack of muscles.

  • Stages of Working Out:

So basically your expressions resemble that of a dog. You are happy when you work out, but sad when you don’t.

  • Hoes before Bros:

Stop checking her out and help out your friend dude! This is really a perfectly timed photo. Even the photographer isn’t helping his friend!!

  • A Nice Cocktail Can’t Wait:

Relaxation mode on! Grandma is showing the kids what they really should be doing! Follow her lead kids!

  • Addiction to Chocolate Cake:

I am addicted to chocolate shake! How do I write exercise on that? Oh wait! I can use whipped cream to write exercise on top of it.

Working out is fun for some and a punishment for others. Regardless, it is pretty important and jokes aside, everyone should take it seriously.

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