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Flamingo Pink is the new color of a Salt Lake in Victoria, Melbourne

A storm of perfect conditions converted this generally blue salt lake into a flamingo pink color. This salt lake is situated in Victoria, Melbourne. The new color of this lake is due to the following circumstances which caused this beautiful perfection in the lake:

  1. Some rain causing algae to grow
  2. Warm Weather causing salts to ooze out of the salt water
  3. Very high levels of salt caused due to the weather and water conditions
  4. Sunlight causing algae to photosynthesize more frequently
  5. And water level which allows the algae to get sunlight and secrete the required pigment

The salt lake is situated in the Westgate Park. The Westgate Park is situated in the southern tip of Australian continent. This park system explained that, the red pigment that is visible on the lake is due to the algae, which has been growing in the crust of salt. This salt crust is present at the bottom of the lake.

The red pigment is known as beta-carotene. Beta carotene is produced by the algae as a part of their process of photosynthesis. And as the salt levels are really high, the algae produces beta carotene to protect them from that harsh environment.


Even the feathers of a flamingo are pink because of beta carotene. Flamingos are known for eating algae. Most algae are absolutely loaded with beta carotene and by eating them this pigment is added to the flamingos’ body, turning their feathers pink.

Although this is just a temporary change in color. The lake would lose this vibrant color by the time winter comes. It would return to its original blue color from its current flamingo pink color.

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