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Food Doesn’t Believe in the Difference of Culture and Distance

It’s amazing to see how two people living in two totally different corners of the globe can connect instantly over food. Jess who spent her entire childhood in Guatemala and Matt who is from Manila, both have fond memories of their childhood when their entire families gathered at their grandma’s home on Sunday feasting on the tasty dishes prepared by her. After moving to the US, later in life both of them miss their childhood snacks back home but we were amazed to find the similarities that exists in their snacks.

Chicharrones vs. Chicharron

Coming from two different cultures, that are based in completely two different parts of the world the similarity was startling. Jess’s Chicharrones have a kick of chilli and lime that was always the kids favorite on road trips. Matt’s Chicharron had that extra kick of vinegar that made it much closer in taste to Chicharrones found in Guatemala.

Churittos vs.Prawn Crackers

Churittos were Jess’s favorite snacks in her growing up years full of flavor but not too spicy. Matt found them quite close to Red Hot Cheetos but a little less hot though. Matt adored his prawn crackers though Jess was not really in love with them.

Pinoy Cracker Nuts vs. Guatemalan Cracker Nuts

Both look very much similar with a slight change in the recipe. The Guatemalan buts were less crunchy than those found in Filipino. The peanuts too were almost the same with some slight textural differences but that was nothing when compared to the distance between the two places where they belonged.

Nucitas and Yan-Yans

Jess’s Nucitas gives you an instant sugar hit and children really love it. Yan-Yans, on the other hand, have pretzel/bread sticks that neutralizes the extra sweetness of chocolate.

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