The Forced Sanskari Portrayal of a Not so Sanskari Woman

The Indian society is still biased towards male and when it comes to females they all look forward to a sanskari woman. Though they are fine with women going out for work and earning but back home they still feel that she should be a total sanskari, domesticated being who does all house chores perfectly, takes care of children and in-laws, be a super chef and blah blah blah. And this ordeal of portraying a sanskari woman starts right from childhood.

  •    If your family is seriously discussing the matter of your marriage you have no business sitting there….You have to show that you are shy and run away from there.

  •    While in front of your mom’s friend you show that you are a typical sanskari beti but in your heart, you are abusing them in the choicest of the words.

  •    When Mom wants to know if I like someone, I actually want to tell but these damn sanskars doesn’t let me open my mouth.

  •    Why is everyone only concerned when I am getting married? For God’s sake, there are other things in life besides marriage.

  •    Going out in short clothes immediately labels you like a fast and non-sanskari gal.

  •    Sitting in a comfortable way is non-girlish according to this sanskari brigade.

  •    Even on social platforms, there are pics for everyone to see and then there are secret albums with limited access where what I actually am, is seen.

  •    Wearing a sleeveless in a family function is equivalent to wearing nothing at all according to these nosy relatives.

  •    For people staring at a lady smoking, is much bigger a deal than anything in the world.


  •    Telling grandparents that career is more important to you than marriage is like giving them a perfect plot for a melodramatic performance.

  •    They want the girl to be a total stranger with the would-be husband till the day of marriage and then suddenly from very next day they expect good news.

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