Ford’s 2017 Super Duty trucks redefine tough tech

For decades, the full-size truck market was a virtual blast from the past, utilizing technologies pioneered in the early 20th century. The steel-bodied leviathans were designed to get the job done — and little else. Heck, heavy-duty trucks didn’t even offer air bags a few years ago, let alone color touchscreens. The 2017 Ford Super Duty line of full-size trucks changes all of that. With military-grade aluminum bodies, four exterior high-def digital cameras, and dozens of LED exterior lights, they’re about as modern as anything on the road today.

Following the trail blazed by the F-150 pickup, the all-new 2017 Super Duty line of Ford trucks are now constructed from aluminum. And, no, we’re not talking the kind that your son’s Little League bat is made from; it’s a lot stronger than that. In fact, the high-strength aluminum Ford uses in the bodies of these burly tow-masters is said to be stronger and more ding- and dent-resistant than the steel used for the last generation of Super Duties. This, as you can imagine, is an impressive claim … and one we’re sure many owners will test.

If all this aluminum talk has you worried; fear not. Underneath that aluminum body is a frame forged from high-strength steel, which is 24 time stronger than the frames of the out-going Super Duties. Altogether, even though the trucks are stronger than before, the new metals shave 350 pounds off the curb weight. While the exterior metal tech is impressive, the interior is where Ford flexes its technological muscles. At the center of the Super Duty dash is a smartphone-like 8-inch touchscreen, which runs Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system. From that big, bright screen, drivers can access several optional extras, designed to make maneuvering your massive truck ever-easier.

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